Commercial Photo Gallery

Hospital Water Damage

This was a hospital water damage from a roof leak. SERVPRO responded to an emergency call, after hours on a holiday to assist this hospital with water damage. Our crew was fast to start water mitigation and followed the hospital codes in building containment and following all guidelines.

Commercial Water restoration

This was the aftermath of commercial water damage in Sacramento. The cause of the loss was a sprinkler head that was knocked down inside a walking freezer. The water that spilled turned into ice and caused a slipping hazard

Commercial Mold Remediation

This was during mitigation service for mold remediation in a commercial building. SERVPRO  crew is highly trained to control and remediate mold contaminants while protecting your health and safety. After each mold job we will get you a mold clearance.

Commercial Mold Damage

Commercial Mold Damage

When a mold infestation affects a factory setting, it has plenty of area to spread through.  One recent commercial customer had just such a scenario.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

This office suffered from water damage after a pipe break.  SERVPRO responded very quickly and began the remediation process. Our technicians understand the urgency involved with starting the water removal process in order to prevent mold from setting in.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning 

Did you know that SERVPRO offers cleaning services in addition to our water, fire, and mold remediation services?  We can clean and restore your commercial property while minimizing the disruption to your clients. We are available 24/7 to make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Mold Damage

Commercial mold damage at this fabricating plant was discovered by the workers and reported to the plant manager. The plant manager couldn’t stop production because of the mold, so he needed a professional mold remediation company to come in and clean up the mold quickly. SERVPRO could construct a containment area to isolate the mold damage and then clean up the mold and spray on an antifungal agent. The containment area would prevent any mold spores from traveling throughout the plant while we were cleaning up the mold.

The Temperature Isn't The Only Thing Burning Up This Season!

Fire damage really does tend to heat up in the summer. We know that when it comes to a fire, it doesn't matter if it's your home or you's a painful situation.

Be sure to keep your eyes on our blogs because we tend to share some pretty important damage and loss prevention tips for your home and business. 


SERVPRO specializes in commercial building damages and some may be caused by storms. Here is a photo of a flood that was caused by a storm damage and water started pouring in. Our crews came in and extracted all the water and set up dehumidifiers and fans to dry the structure. After a short three days of work everything was dry and ready for repairs thanks to our speedy team.

Strip Mall

We love helping the community in any water or fire damage! Will assisted in any facility, store, or restaurant in a strip mall! Restorations and Clean-up is what we do in helping the business save money and time.

Oh No! Not Another Flooded Basement

Flooding is a common thing in the area especially after several days after non-stop rain, and the ground is very saturated. The effects of constant storms are the possibility of a flooded basement. Call SERVPRO at any time to quickly clean and dried up the basement to prevent damage belonging, structural damages and mold.

Commercial Property

Your commercial property’s appearance speaks volumes to your clients. So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services, SERVPRO of College Park / Hyattsville has the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.”