Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Smoke and Soot Cleanup at a Repair Shop

Oily rags and cartons in a repair shop ignited from a welding spark. No structural damage occurred, no cars were torched, but there was a messy residue on the f... READ MORE

Tragic Result of Burning Bedroom

The flames and smoke engulfed more than just the bedroom in this home. The water removal was quickly accomplished even as we were demolishing the charred and no... READ MORE

SERVPRO provides Emergency Services

A house fire, left a homeowner in need of a new roof and extensive work to the interior of the home. SERVPRO was contacted by a local adjuster to secure the pro... READ MORE

Commercial Fire

Our teams received a call regarding a warehouse that had caught fire. One of our owners inspected the damage personally and spoke with the building owner to com... READ MORE

House Fire

This sweet family had a horrific fire in their home caused by groceries. When the homeowners returned home from grocery shopping they set some of the packages o... READ MORE

Fire in Kitchen

A disaster in a home, your home can be a very traumatic experience for people. We have team of trained crew members who are experienced to help walk with you du... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Kitchen

SERVPRO understands how traumatic and stressful a disastrous event in your home can be. The before photo shows the destruction an electrical fire can do to a ki... READ MORE

Fire Damage

No matter how big or small the fire damage is we can be the heroes in restoring your home and business. Like above is the picture of a fire damage door. The pro... READ MORE

Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup

This fire damage occurred in the middle of the night due to a gas leak. SERVPRO received a call at 2:30 am. Our crews were onsite at 3:30 am and were ready to p... READ MORE

Kitchen Grease Hood Cleaning

Kitchen fires can be very dangerous in restaurants. SERVPRO can provide a service to accommodate your needs to keep your building safe. Whether you need a gener... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Residents Home

Fire aftermath does not scare us! We are the professional in clean ups and restorations. We are the fire experts in cleaning up after a fire. Our process are sa... READ MORE