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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Ceiling Mold Mitigation

This basement ceiling was covered with mold due to a water leak from the floor above. The smell led us to investigate further once we visited the property. Once... READ MORE

Ceiling Mold Mitigation

This basement ceiling was covered with mold due to a water leak from the floor above. The smell led us to investigate further once we visited the property. SERV... READ MORE

School Cleanup after Flood

Flood water created a muddy environment in all sections of the School. SERVPRO was asked to come and help clean up a school's classrooms, hallways and cubby are... READ MORE

School Hallway after flood

Due to flood damage the hallways in this school were lined with muddy layers of dirt and grime. SERVPRO arrived with our highly trained technicians and quickly... READ MORE

School Cleanup after Flood

Flood damage caused a great deal of water lines, muddy layers of dirt and grime in this classroom. SERVPRO arrived with our highly trained technicians and quic... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen

Flood damage caused a great deal of water lines, mold and mildew throughout the kitchen. SERVPRO arrived within an hour of receiving the phone call from the hom... READ MORE

Biohazard Cleanup

Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences. A failure to properly remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy ... READ MORE

Heavy Water Damage to Carpet

Some of the worst water damage can occur at some of the worst times! As you can see above, this customer’s living room was hit with some serious flooding.... READ MORE

Fire Damage at a College Dorm

We are the professional in restorations! Here we have the damages of a fire in a college dorm. SERVPRO of College park/Hyattsville will return the dorm to its o... READ MORE

Commercial Hood Cleaning

Hood exhausts and grease is very important to be cleaned and removed and sanitized. They should be cleaned regularly. At SERVPRO we specialize in commercial kit... READ MORE

Vandalism Cleanup

These stairs were vandalized and stained with oil. Notice the extent of oil on the newly installed steps. This is the side of a small commercial building that h... READ MORE

Just a flood in your commercial building?

SERVPRO are the experts in clean-ups especially after a flood from a storm, leak or a pipe bursting. The picture above are from a saturated office in the area. ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Residents Home

Fire aftermath does not scare us! We are the professional in clean ups and restorations. We are the fire experts in cleaning up after a fire. Our process are sa... READ MORE

Kitchen Grease Hood Cleaning

Kitchen fires can be very dangerous in restaurants. SERVPRO can provide a service to accommodate your needs to keep your building safe. Whether you need a gener... READ MORE

Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup

This fire damage occurred in the middle of the night due to a gas leak. SERVPRO received a call at 2:30 am. Our crews were onsite at 3:30 am and were ready to p... READ MORE

Fire Damage

No matter how big or small the fire damage is we can be the heroes in restoring your home and business. Like above is the picture of a fire damage door. The pro... READ MORE

Removing Mold

Pictures are from a home that had some flooding due to a storm. After the home was dried out by the Pros of SERVPRO. Carpet was developing mold. Our Crew acted ... READ MORE

Mold in Parking Garage

SERVPRO had received a call about some black mold in a parking garage that had customers complaining about. Black mold can be very harmful to ones health so we ... READ MORE

Storm Floods

It was very unfortunate that the customer suffers water damage on their floor inside their home. But SERVPRO came in with the crew and clean, dried and repair t... READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning after a Storm

Storm usually cause high winds tree branches often fall on homes causes roof damages. The damages lead to leaks which then turns your headache into more damage ... READ MORE

Hurricane brings flooding

Hurricanes can be devastating; even more so when dealing with the aftermath. This past August when Hurricane Harvey struck, it produced torrential amounts of f... READ MORE

Neighborhood Underwater

Often when something goes wrong to your property it is your home. It is the place in which you sleep and cook your dinner. It is your sanctuary. It is your home... READ MORE

Crazy Hail Damage!

This customer was involved in the Wylie hail storm in April of 2016. A massive hail storm caused major losses across the area, with large hail penetrating roofs... READ MORE

Gym Fire & Water Damage

With in minutes of being called by this customer, service teams were dispatched and on site extracting hundreds of gallons of water! What initially started as a... READ MORE

Flooded Business

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, at least 25 percent of businesses that close after a flood never reopen. From 2010 to 2014, the average comme... READ MORE

Mother Nature!

Rain is a necessity but sometimes heavy rain over a long period of time can cause havoc on your home. We are water removal and cleanup specialists and are ready... READ MORE

Moisture and Mold Found in Home Kitchen

Water damage caused mold and mildewto grow throughout the kitchen. SERVPRO arrived as soon as they could with our highly trained technicians who quickly assesse... READ MORE

Water Mold Damage Restoration

ur team made this "Like it never even happened." There are several things that you can do to prepare for water damage in your home or office. 1. Take pictures ... READ MORE

Fire to a Commercial Vendor

Can you imagine if your business is only opened on weekends and you have a fire days before the weekend? What a devastating loss it would be to not be up and ru... READ MORE

Large Commercial Kitchen Fire

This business suffered a fire due to clogged vents of grease. SERVPRO was there to help When we visit a business after a loss, we will first scope the effected ... READ MORE

Flooding Let Mud In

Severe flooding is devastating enough as is, but add additional run off and debris into the mix? It makes for a dangerous recipe. This business lavatory suffere... READ MORE

Cut Mold Out of Your Life

Finding mold can feel like another unwanted stressor, but if you call SERVPRO immediately, your mold is as good as gone. Our professionals inspect any areas of ... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Kitchen

SERVPRO understands how traumatic and stressful a disastrous event in your home can be. The before photo shows the destruction an electrical fire can do to a ki... READ MORE

Fire in Kitchen

A disaster in a home, your home can be a very traumatic experience for people. We have team of trained crew members who are experienced to help walk with you du... READ MORE

Storm Surge Soaks Bathroom With Sewage

In cases of major or aggressive storms, storm surges can follow along with other storm related damages. Why are storm surges such a pain for your property? Stor... READ MORE

Emergency Water Removal

Our highly trained technicians will begin the water removal process almost immediately. Depending on the amount of water, we may use powerful submersible pumps ... READ MORE

Hot Tub leaked

Many people enjoy having a hot tub at their home. However, when your relaxing hot tub begins to leak, it is not so relaxing anymore. The large amount of water t... READ MORE

700 Gallons of Water

This is what 700 gallons of water can do to your ceiling. This resident had a pipe burst in his kitchen ceiling, which caused 700 gallons of water to intrude in... READ MORE

Water Damage To A Finished Basement

A homeowner had an unfortunate morning when they went downstairs to their finished basement to find a pipe had burst inside of their wall. Luckily they acted f... READ MORE

Leak Led to Flooring Damage

The kitchen floor sustained substantial water damage from a slow water leak and the tile needed to be removed and restored. The sub floor underneath was also ve... READ MORE

Supply Line Burst Causing Water Damage

A toilet supply line burst to cause substantial water damage to this home. The linoleum floor was saturated, and the drywall was wet. SERVPRO responded the eme... READ MORE

House Fire

This sweet family had a horrific fire in their home caused by groceries. When the homeowners returned home from grocery shopping they set some of the packages o... READ MORE

Commercial Fire

Our teams received a call regarding a warehouse that had caught fire. One of our owners inspected the damage personally and spoke with the building owner to com... READ MORE

SERVPRO provides Emergency Services

A house fire, left a homeowner in need of a new roof and extensive work to the interior of the home. SERVPRO was contacted by a local adjuster to secure the pro... READ MORE

Tragic Result of Burning Bedroom

The flames and smoke engulfed more than just the bedroom in this home. The water removal was quickly accomplished even as we were demolishing the charred and no... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Cleanup at a Repair Shop

Oily rags and cartons in a repair shop ignited from a welding spark. No structural damage occurred, no cars were torched, but there was a messy residue on the f... READ MORE

Roof Leak Causes Mold Damage

A home owner noticed a substantial amount of mold growth in a hall closet that he found out was the cause of an ongoing roof leak. Our SERVPRO team hung contain... READ MORE

Mold Damage

Crawlspaces are tricky spaces. Because they are an unconditioned space, they are a breeding ground for mold if there is any moisture. This homeowner had a wate... READ MORE

Wet Showroom

The water intrusion from a broken line in the men's room ran down the tiled pathway and seeped into carpeting. The damage wasn't extensive, but the retail estab... READ MORE

Residential Cleaning

No cleaning job is too big for our team. 

SERVPRO Gets Things Clean and Sanitary

We always try to stay ahead of the curve, so we are introducing our latest cleaning equipment--The Esporta Machine. The Esporta Machine is an industrial grade w... READ MORE

SERVPRO Provides Emergency Services to Home Owner

A house fire in left a homeowner in need of a new roof and extensive work to the interior of the home. SERVPRO was contacted by a local adjuster to secure the p... READ MORE

SERVPRO Helps Small Businesses

During storm events there are countless calls that come into our SERVPRO office from individuals and business owners that have been affected. Because our SERVPR... READ MORE

SERVPRO Helps With Ice Dams

Snow is pretty and fun to play in, but in large amounts it can cause severe damage. When Boston received an overwhelming amount of snow in a short amount of tim... READ MORE

Storm Damage Storm Damage

Water wicked up about a foot into this drywall on the first floor of a post-storm flood home in Portland. The non-salvageable material was cut out along with th... READ MORE


You can see in these photos that there was quite a bit of demo that needed to be completed because of the damage. Our teams worked tirelessly for an entire week... READ MORE

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding the rainfall was just too much. The ground water followed gravity, along with the paths with less resistance, and caused the ga... READ MORE

Don't Let a Storm Damaged Roof Ruin Your Home

We know that it rains more often here than other parts of the country. In one of the recent storms, our customers had a tree branch come in through their roof, ... READ MORE

Construction Cleanup for Commercial Retailer

Construction cleanup is one service that is increasingly being called upon for our franchise for commercial spaces and companies coming into our growing communi... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos